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Do I need to download a software to be able to access the digital tracker or the report?2022-12-12T15:34:18+00:00

No, you do not need to download any apps or software. You will receive a link that will redirect you to the questionnaire. Reports will be emailed securely.

What if I start a questionnaire and I step away from my phone or my phone happens to die midway, do I have to redo the questionnaire?2022-12-12T15:34:23+00:00

You will have the option to save and submit your responses and return to the questionnaire at a later time. If for some reason you step away from your phone and the link times out, your responses will be auto saved.

What happens if I get stuck or have questions on how to proceed with the survey?2022-12-12T15:37:51+00:00

To receive response, you will be able to text into Ottoprompts using the number you receive the links from.

What if my client only needs specific functional criteria measured?2022-12-12T15:35:57+00:00

You can select the criteria to be measured at the time of referral and we can tailor the questionnaires to
meet your individual client’s needs.

What information does the Functional Summary Report typically include?2022-12-12T15:38:17+00:00

The Functional Summary Report may include but is not limited to information on daily symptoms, functional tolerance, challenges with task completion, independence levels, normative comparisons, graphical visualizations and correlations.

How does Function Over Time differ from other questionnaires and how does it impact my claim?2022-12-12T15:36:58+00:00

Function Over Time uses a digital platform versus the traditional pen-paper questionnaires.  These are simple questionnaires that can be filled out on most electronic devices. The surveys can be answered on the go, while at home or within the community, and are quick to complete making them user-friendly and less mentally fatiguing. Function Over Time captures data on functional patterns and trends that may not be identified in standalone assessments. This gives treatment providers, assessors, lawyers, and insurance adjusters a meaningful insight into the client’s daily function allowing them to make sound conclusions while managing claims.

If I’m having a particularly bad or good day, should I still fill out the questionnaire? Should I only fill out the form while I’m at home?2022-12-12T15:38:50+00:00

We encourage clients to fill out the questionnaires daily, whenever possible, be it at their homes or within the community. Even on unusually good and bad days, information on function would be very useful to the teams involved in managing their claims.

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