Our Team

We are a passionate group of professionals who think outside of the box to provide innovative solutions to employers, insurers, and the legal community. Function Over Time is the first of its kind digital tracker that bridges the gap between multidisciplinary assessments with real-time data collection.

Owned and managed by an experienced team of occupational therapists and business managers who have decades of first-hand experience in the medical-legal industry. From our operational experience with sister company Invisible-Care, we quickly learned the need of the hour is an efficient tracker that can measure the dynamic nature of function taking into account the different variables affecting it.

Rehabilitation providers, lawyers, and insurance adjusters are looking for more transparent data that can give them a true insight into their clients’ functional trends over specific period of time. With this in mind, Function Over Time came into existence.

Function Over Time uses an evidence-based approach to deliver superior quality reports that help clients, treatment providers, assessors, insurers, and the legal community manage complex claims, evaluate the costs of medical needs, and develop appropriate treatment plans.

Our Software

Function Over Time uses our proprietary software “Ottoprompts” to generate our functional surveys.
Ottoprompts provides a safe and secure platform for client engagement. Each user gets a unique software generated link that redirects them to their questionnaire. The link can be accessed over a phone, computer, laptop, and most electronic devices. Client data is collected with consent, is accessible, and securely stored in accordance with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Function Over Time engages clients in their home and community to collect real-time data on their daily
activities. Function Over Time asks clients daily questions regarding activities of daily living and symptoms that impact task completion. Information on the client’s perspective and satisfaction with task completion is gathered over a set period. The client responses are automatically populated into a
report giving instant access to information on client’s function.

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